Blue flags
Rhodes was rewarded in 2012 with 32 "Blue Flag", an international program coordinated by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature.

The "Blue Flag" is an international symbol recognized worldwide environmental quality, which since 1987 is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet the stringent requirements.

Among the total of 32 criteria including bathing water quality, cleanliness, organization, information, safety of bathers and visitors and protect the coastal environment and coastal areas.

The criteria of the international project are summarized in the following categories:
  1. Purity and sea coast (quality of bathing waters, non-rejection in industrial and municipal wastewater, sufficient waste bins, continuous periodic cleaning of the beach).
  2. Organization of the Coast (continuous public information on bathing water quality, action plans to address any marine pollution incident, prohibition of movement of vehicles and motorbikes on the coast, prohibition of camping and adequate sanitary facilities with controlled sewerage systems).
  3. Safety of visitors (trained lifeguards on duty, offering services for people with disabilities).
  4. Protection of nature and environmental awareness (information and instructions printed on the coast of behavior and areas with sensitive natural environment, referring to organizing activities by the manager of the coast).
Most beaches on the island according to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (Special Secretariat for Water) have excellent water quality.

The Municipal Region with the most nationwide "blue flags" (twenty four) is the Municipal Region of Kallithea.

In May 2012, the single municipality of Rhodes was awarded a total of 32 "Blue Flag"2. More specifically, the beaches of Rhodes that are awarded the "Blue Flag" for the year 2012 are:

Municipal Region of South Rhodes: Kiotari: 3

Municipal Region of Lindos: Lardos: 1, Lardos: 3

Municipal Region of Afandou: Afandou: 2, Kolymbia, Kolymbia A – Limanaki

Municipal Region of Kallithean: Ammoudes- Faliraki, Vagies- Ladiko, Vigla, Gournes, Kavourakia, Kallithea, Katafygio, Kokkina, Ladiko- Anthony Quinn, Ladiko B- Plaka, Mandomata, Mavros Kavos, Traounou Caves, Faliraki- Kathara, Faliraki- Kastraki, Faliraki- Traounou, Faliraki A, Faliraki B, Faliraki C, Faliraki , Faliraki 2, Faliraki 3, Faliraki 4, Faliraki 5.

Municipal Region of Rhodes: Reni 1

Municipal Region of Ialyssos: Ixia B

The City of Rhodes has programmed projects that will change many of the beaches to be accessible for persons with disabilities. The equipment for each beach will include a deck for the movement of the wheel chairs and access for people with disabilities, two amphibious trolleys and specially designed changing room and toilet.

The City of Rhodes will participate as a pilot "operator" on Tsambika beach, Lindos (main beach), Faliraki (main beach), Elli (main beach), Ialyssos main beach and Sunwing beach. The City of Rhodes will be required to place, maintain during use and store winter equipment and will arrange to provide a Lifeguard Supervisor.

Noteworthy are the assistance agencies such as umbrella associations, hotels, various associations, schools and volunteers who assist greatly in this direction.

For 2012 there are four new candidates for the award coasts: the Elli beach, the beach Tsambika, Vlycha beach and the main beach of Lindos.

The beaches will be prepared according to the specifications of the program and there will be announcements posted on the beach which ones appear to be candidates for an award. There will be checked, and hopefully one year after there will be a "Blue Flag".

Recommended Beaches

1. Afandou

Great in length, with small pebbles and sand and sea that deepens abruptly. It has many organized points with umbrellas and canteens. Located on the east coast away from the city of Rhodes twenty two kilometers and from the village of Afandou just two kilometers. With facilities for beach volley and beach soccer. Beside it is the famous Afandou Golf. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

2. Agathi

Sandy beach, sheltered. Located east of Rhodes City, near Haraki and it is thirty kilometers from Rhodes town and ten kilometers from Lindos. To get to it must travel a good dirt road for ten kilometers. It has umbrellas, deckchairs and canteens.

3. Anthony Quinn

Ideal for scuba diving because of the underwater topography it became famous by the movie "The Guns of Navarone" which filmed there starring the famous actor Anthony Quinn. Surrounded by cliffs and has crystal clear waters. It has a small pier that allows vessels to anchor for a visit. It is fifteen kilometers southeast of Rhodes town and three kilometers from Faliraki. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

4. Asclepio

Near the village of Asclepius, blue waters and is characterized by the length a lacey like sand. Distance from Rhodes town fifty kilometers. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and a canteen.

5. Faliraki

Four kilometers of length one of the most organized beaches with water sports and bungee jumping, umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, restaurants, cafes, a water park, located fourteen kilometers southeast of Rhodes town and located ten kilometers from the airport "Diagoras" Rhodes. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

6. Fournoi

Small beach near the village of Monolith with pebbles. It is organized and suitable for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing swim away from the crowds. If you wish to protect yourself from the sun, you will need to have your own umbrella.

7. Gennadi

Long beach with sand and small pebbles. It has organized and non organized points. Located at the eastern part of the island and away from the city of Rhodes sixty three kilometers.

8. Glyfada

Located in the south-western part of the island. Distance from Rhodes town seventy kilometers. It has crystal clear water and green pine trees reaching to the sea cliffs.

9. Glystra

Beach with fine sand. Quiet beach it has umbrellas, sunbeds and a canteen. It is fifty five kilometers from the City of Rhodes.

10. Gournes

Cosmopolitan beach on the east coast, with umbrellas and a restaurant. It lies about ten kilometers from the City of Rhodes and four kilometers from Faliraki. Next to the beach there are also the famous beaches of Nicholas and Oasis.

11. Haraki

Beach is visited mainly by families. With pebbles and sand it offers umbrellas and sunbeds. On the coastal road there are restaurants and cafes. It is thirty six kilometers from the city of Rhodes.

12. Ialyssos

It is one of the most organized of the island because it runs along the avenue Herakleidon where are situated some of the leading hotels of the island. It consists of pebbles and sand and the water deepens abruptly. The beach is ideal for surfing enthusiasts being very windy. Distance from Rhodes just eight kilometers.

13. Ixia

It is the continuation of the beach in Rhodes. Organized beach with water sports facilities and the wind that favors surfing.

14. Kalathos

Four kilometers length of sand and small pebbles, it has on many points of umbrellas, sun beds and canteens. Located in the southeastern part of the island away from the city of Rhodes fifty kilometers and from Lindos seven kilometers.

15. Kallithea

Beach with palm trees and pines. Located near the beach are the hot springs of Kallithea. Located in the north-eastern part of the island, just ten kilometers from the city of Rhodes. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

16. Katsouni

Between Lardos and Kattavia on the east coast and fifty miles from the city of Rhodes, the beach has golden sand, no stones. An ideal environment for families.

17. Kiotari

Great in length, with fine sand, deck chairs and umbrellas. It offers water sports facilities and taverns along the adjacent coastal road for delicious food. Distance from Rhodes town sixty kilometers. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

18. Kolymbia

Quiet beach with sand and small pebbles with umbrellas, deckchairs and pedalos. Away from the city of Rhodes twenty five kilometers. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

19. Ladiko

With fine sand, rocks and umbrellas, it is fifteen kilometers from the city of Rhodes. Located in the eastern part of the island. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

20. Lardos

Located on the south-eastern coast after the area of Pefki, sixty five kilometers from Rhodes town and near the village of Lardos. It has pebbles and sand. It has umbrellas, canteen, restaurants and points of water sports equipment rental. It is the only beach in Rhodes that has been awarded the European "Blue Flag".

21. Lindos

A purely tourist beach below the settlement. It offers quiet clear waters, two beaches with umbrellas and taverns. It is seventy kilometers from the city of Rhodes.

22. Pefkoi

An area with many country houses of local residents, It has an organized beach. It is fifty six kms from the City of Rhodes.

23. Prasonisi

Sandy beach located at the southernmost point of the island. It is a paradise for windsurfers, as for the blowing winds, especially during July and August. It offers windsurfing equipment rental places and restaurants with local delicacies. Away from the City of Rhodes ninety two kilometers.

24. Rhodes

Regarded as the best beach in the Mediterranean. It welcomes many visitors every year. It stretches along the city and has umbrellas, sun beds and canteens.

25. Saint Paul

Pebbles, sand and clear green water. Located in a small bay with two small beaches, close to Lindos and fifty kilometers from the city of Rhodes. On one beach there are umbrellas, deck chairs and canteen while the other is isolated and is suitable for those wanting to enjoy a swim in peace.

26. Stegna

Sand and pebbles, it has umbrellas, taverns and provides its visitors water sports. Away from the City of Rhodes twenty nine kilometers.

27. Traounou or Traganou

Fifteen kilometers from Rhodes town and four kilometers from Faliraki beach. The beach Traganou or Traounou is known for its cave on one side. Some points are organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and canteens. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

28. Tsambika

Twenty six kilometers southeast of the city of Rhodes, beneath the rock that hosts the famous monastery of Panagia Tsampika Psili. The beach Tsambika with golden sand has sun beds, canteens and water sports.

29. Vagies

Located thirty eight kilometers from Rhodes Town and very close to Lindos. It has golden sand and azure waters and it is not in category of the crowded beaches. It was awarded the "Blue Flag".

30. Vlycha

Favorite beach for local residents. The sea deepens slowly and is therefore often used by families. It has umbrellas, deckchairs and canteens. Distance from Rhodes town forty seven kilometers and from Lindos three kilometers.

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