Ancient Town of Lindos
Ancient Town of Lindos
     Lindos is situated approximately 50 kilometers south of Rhodes town.
     As one approaches the city from the main road he is confronted with a breathtaking view of an ancient dormant acropolis situated at the very top of a hill with the rest of the vibrant town lying at its feet.
     It was founded by the Dorians around the 10th century B.C. and was a strategic centre of commerce since it is situated at the crossroads between the European continent and the Middle East.
     What one sees today are the remains of a 4th century temple dedicated to Athena built on the ruins of an older temple. The ancients used to worship the goddess Athena and one will see temples built to honour her all over Greece.
     At the bottom of the acropolis, where cars park, one will have the ability to admire a relief of an ancient warship (triiris as it was named in Greek) a trireme.
     There was also a theatre there but today one can see only some rows of seats. It is purported that it used to seat around 2000 spectators.
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