Old Town of Rhodes
Old Town of Rhodes
     This is a one-of-a-kind place loaded with history and memorable buildings that makes it a must-see. Also named “the medieval” town it is one of the very few left in Europe and as such is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage centre.
     The old town was built by the Knights of St. John who came to Rhodes in the 13th century A.D. after leaving the Holy Land into the hands of Saladin.
     The castle of the knights (named Castello in Greek) housed lodges for the use of the knights. The Palace of the Grand Magister, the lodges of languages (of the various countries), the hospital, the houses of the knights with their individual coat of arms, and finally the church of St. John.
     Unfortunately in 1522 after many tries by the Ottoman Turks the city is besieged and so starts the period of Turkish rule that will last until 1912.
     During this time, although most of the buildings stay intact, their use changes by the ruling Turks. The palace of the Grand Magister becomes a prison, the hospital becomes a soldiers barracks while at the same time many minarets are built as well as Turkish baths. The Greeks forfeited their right to live within the walls of the Old Town at this time. The Greek shopkeepers and other laborers were forced to exit the Old Town by sunset!
     After 1912 the island came under Italian rule (1912-1947) and it was a period of great development and metamorphosis.
     The Italians constructed new stylish buildings, highlighted ancient ruins, reshaped and changed the use of medieval buildings and made a lovely garden of the moat surrounding the Old Town.
     Outside the Castello (castle), there are other historical sites to visit, such as the Archaeological Museum, the folklore museum, the mosque of Suleiman.
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