Local Products

The New Market

In the center of Rhodes, the visitor enjoys shopping in a small but very substantial market that could well be compared to a high quality mall, spread out in one level, by the sea. With extremely pleasant walk in our market, where the flavors of the sea are mixed magically with jasmine and night flower, one discovers prestigious international brand products (hand made jewellery - silver and gold, luxury clothing, footwear, cosmetics, household items). It is noteworthy that our market has 40 years tradition in luxury items with strong brand names, while fashionable coffee-shops provide relaxation during the day and night. We should also refer to the products of pottery, one of the oldest art forms of the origin of Aegean islands, are found in souvenirs shops as also the handmade leather sandals made by the artisans on the island.

Commercial Stores

Winter Store Hours Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: 09.30-13.30 and 17:00-21:00Wednesday- Saturday: 09.30-17.30 
Winter Sales Period Monday 16/01/2012 until 28/02/2012 
Spring Store Hours From 01/04/2012 Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: Free Opening Hours Wednesday- Saturday: 09.30-20:00 Summer Sales Period Monday 15/07/2012 until Tuesday 31/08/2012 

The local products 
Local products and local cuisine gives a place an identity. The culinary tourism can bring economical benefits and affect the local economy in many ways.

The promotion of local products through the local cuisine will effect positively the tourism destination “Rhodes –Aegean”. The products of the island are unique products with special characteristics.

There are:
  • Crop Production Products
  • Olive oil (Geographical Indications- PGI)
  • Edible Olives (Green crushed Rhodian olives, Zupa Olives)
  • Vegetables (Watermelon of Rhodes, Melon of Rhodes, Tomato of Rhodes)
  • Citrus (Orange of Rhodes, Tangerine of Rhodes, Lemon of Rhodes)
  • Aromatic and Medical Plants
  • Products of Animal Production
  • Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Honey
  • Thyme Honey
  • Pine Tree Honey
  • Flower Honey
  • Eryka Honey 

The olive oil of Rhodes is featured as a product of geographical indication. 

Honey of Rhodes and honey of South Aegean are awarded annually as one of the best in the world and it is significant for Rhodes. 

A special sweet based on honey is the melekouni (traditional sweet). The melekouni is a healthy dessert and stands out for its great taste and high nutritional value. Ingredients: Honey, natural sesame seeds, almonds, grated orange-bergamot and spices. It’s a traditional treat at the weddings and other social events. 

There are also the local sweets (almond of Rhodes, xerotigana, diples) and thetraditional jam (Orange, Tangerine). The wines of Rhodes and the local varieties of vine are labelled as POP and PGI (products and Geographical Indication of Origin of Superior Quality wines).

A special place is held by the sparkling wine of Rhodes.

Except for two large companies (Cair-Emery) there are also in Attaviros and prophet Ilias, small wineries that produce local wine.

Additionally, there are products and unique flavors that can be tasted by our visitors while in Rhodes.
  1. Rusk’s, Olive Bread, Bread with Anise, Tiganopsomo, Bread with onion, Eptazimo, barley pretzels
  2. Cream Cheese, Gruyere of Rhodes, Goat Cheese, Rice Pudding
  3. Salted fish
  4. Honey, Melekouni, Halva with semolina
  5. Pies with greens, fried pies, Tachinopites- Pies with crushed sesame seeds
  6. Loukoumi, Almond sweets, Jams, Grape Pudding, Fanouropita (St Fanourios Pie), Vanilla, Mouchalepi, Xerotigana, Takakia, Local Pancakes
  7. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  8. Cereals (Pretzels, Tachinosoupa, Trahanas, Tsouvras)
  9. Alisfakia, Glyfoni, Sapsycho, sage, Camomile of Rhodes, Mint
  10. Greek Coffee

The products of Rhodes may be obtained by our guests both in shops in town and in the villages (Archangelos, Embonas, Apollona, Sianna, and others).

Considerable experience is a visit to a traditional bakery and women’s cooperatives, Wineries and distilleries, mainly in the mountainous areas of Rhodes

It's worthwhile to visit the Οpen Αir Μarkets in the city of Rhodes which are operating four times a week:

Every Wednesday at St Dimitrios (Cemetery Area)
Every Thursday at Vyronos Street (Diagoras Stadium Area)
Every Friday at Konstantinou Ydreou Street (Analipsi Area)
Every Saturday at St Dimitrios (Cemetery Area)

The Municipality office responsible for the Open Air Market is housed in New Market (1st floor) for further information the contact number is 2241035950

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